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Ghanafest Alberta Festival of Trade, Arts & Culture is an annual event organized by the Ghanafest Alberta Inc. and  Foundation under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture and the Ghana High Commission in Ottawa Canada, geared towards promoting Trade, our cultural diversity and ensuring peace and unity among all citizens.

Preparations are fast advanced for Alberta to host the 1st event beginning with a Grand Launch of the Celebration of the Festival of Arts & Culture, Ghanafest Alberta Canada.

There will be a special Charity event to feed the homeless and the street that will precede the Launch

The Provincial Launch and Inauguration of the Organizing Committee will be chaired by the Ghana High Commissioner to Canada Amb. Anselm Ransford Sowah together with the paramount chief of Ejisu, Nana Afrane Okese IV as the Special Guest of Honor and the Premier of Alberta as the Guest of Honor. The President of the GHANAFEST ALBERTA FOUNDATION, who doubles as the GHANAFEST ALBERTA INC CEO, Ms Esther Nana Araba Assabil who was also the former International Ambassador of Ghanafest Toronto Canada will join in the inauguration of the Organizing Committee for the main event slated for 20th July, 2024.

Ghanafest is an annual celebration of Ghanaian arts, culture, and traditions that takes place in prominent cities around the world, including Ghanafest Chicago, New York, and London. This vibrant festival has become a symbol of unity within the community, bringing people from diverse cultural backgrounds together to appreciate and engage with the rich heritage of the Ghanaian people.

Beyond being a joyous celebration, Ghanafest also serves as a platform to showcase businesses (Trade), talents (Music, dance and food) and foster unity among individuals from various cultural backgrounds especially Ghana.

At the heart of Ghanafest lies a deep appreciation for the diverse ethnic groups within Ghana. Ghana is home to six main ethnic groups: the Akan (Ashanti, Akyem, Bono and Fanti), the Ewe, the Ga and Adangbe, the Mole-Dagbani, the Guan, and the Gurma. During the festival, each group’s unique cultural expressions, such as music, dance, spoken word, drumming, food and traditional engagements, are showcased. The performances provide an immersive experience, allowing attendees to engage with and learn about the distinct traditions of these ethnic groups.

The festival also honors the symbolic figures of Ghanaian culture. Ghanaian Chiefs, Queen Mothers, Princes and Princesses, adorned in magnificent Ghanaian traditional fabrics, gold ornaments, and other ceremonial attire, take center stage during the celebrations. Their presence adds a sense of royalty and authenticity to the event, providing a deeper connection to Ghanaian cultural heritage.

Ghanafestalberta is not only into the celebration but also an opportunity for charity and outreach initiatives. The festival organizers prioritize giving back to the community and enriching the lives of those in need. One of the key aspects of GhanafestAlberta’s outreach efforts is providing free access to the festival for the general public. By removing financial barriers, GhanafestAlberta ensures that individuals from all walks of life can partake in the festivities and experience the beauty of Ghanaian culture firsthand.

Furthermore, GhanafestAlberta actively engages in charitable endeavors to support communities in Ghana and beyond. This includes initiatives such as educational enhancement, healthcare support, and community development programs. GhanafestAlberta, the organization behind the festival, collaborates with local communities to identify their specific needs and implement sustainable development projects. They provide educational materials and scholarships to disadvantaged students, establish medical clinics in remote areas, conduct health screenings, and support agriculture and income-generation programs to uplift communities. Through the fusion of celebration, cultural preservation, and philanthropy,

GhanafestAlberta has become an influential force in promoting unity, appreciation, and support for the Ghanaian community and beyond. It serves as a platform for cultural exchange, fostering understanding and respect among people from various backgrounds. GhanafestAlberta’s commitment to charity and outreach demonstrates its dedication to making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities, embodying the spirit of cultural preservation and social responsibility. GhanafestAlberta Annual Arts & Culture Festival celebration will be celebrated every year beginning from 2023 and can be accessed both physically and virtually (Facebook live, Tiktok Live & Youtube live as well as Instagram live). Bringing you rich Ghanaian-Canadian culture, Showcasing clothing, food, dance and music as well as messages from both Local and International speakers. Performing live will be the Santrofi Band together with various artistes like Barima Sydney, Episode, Fameye and many more with Kofi Kinaata as our Special Guest Artiste.

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